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He Is Peace

"...none of the pieces of me would find peace--until I could see and feel and experientially enter into the reality of my union with Christ. Peace isn't a place---it's a Person. Peace isn't a place we arrive at, but a Person to abide in."

-Ann Voskamp

When I read Anns' words, I stop and want to highlight. I get excited knowing that someone else knows what I know. Someone has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit along with me. She reminds me of what I know. That HE is peace, and that by abiding in Him, we find perfect peace. I get to experience rest, vacations, and moments of silence. They provide solace from worldly pressures, and for a moment, all seems peaceful. Yet, this is not peace. It is a lesson in what peace looks like. A taste. HE is peace and these things are moments of a little understanding what HE is. Lessons of what HE is and what HE gives us when we abide in Him.

The words “It is Well with my Soul” written by Horatio Spafford, speak of a peace that is unexplainable amidst horrible loss and heartache. How can this be? Because this man understood that the God who is Peace offers our souls peace even when our physical circumstances are anything but peaceful. And in that peace, IN HIM, we find rest. He is peace and rest for my soul. When I sit at His feet and meditate on Peace, He is rest and He is refreshment. He is the place where all is right and safe. He is where my soul sleeps soundly and where there is an absence of fear. Absence of turmoil. Absence of confusion and stress; the place where we try to walk upright in an upside down world. And by looking to Him and in worshipping Him, who is Peace, I actually experience that peace. I look to Him and see it. Experience it. Know it. My soul breathes it in deeply. If only I could stay there forever. And then I realize...I can.

Be still my soul,


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