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Who is God

Soften my heart, and open my mouth
But supply me words that proclaim Your love and what you've done for me at Calvary.
That's where Your grace removed my burdens and loaded them onto the back of Your Son.
And You made him to be a law breaker, a curse, and sin for me.
And your sword of justice smote Him.
And there Your infinite characteristics and attributes were magnified, while infinite atonement was made.

Where infinite punishment was due, infinite punishment was endured.
And Christ was all anguish so that I could be all joy. 
He was cast off so that I could be brought in.  He was beaten down as an enemy so that I could be welcomed as a friend.
He surrendered to hells worst so that I could obtain heavens best.
He was stripped so that I could be clothed.
He was wounded so I could be healed.
He was made to thirst so that I could drink.
He was tormented so that I could be comforted.
He was made to shame so that I could inherit glory.
He entered darkness so that I could enter eternal light.
My savior wept so that my tears could be wiped from my eyes.
He groaned so that I can sing an endless song.
He endured so much pain so that I could live for eternity in perfect health.
He bore a crown of thorns so that I could wear the glory-diadem
He bowed his head so that I could lift mine up.
He experienced reproach so that I would be welcomed.
He closed his eyes in death so that I would be able to open mine and gaze on perfect brightness.

You died. So that I could live forever.
My father, your didn't spare your only Son just so you could redeem me.
All of this transfer was designed by your love and accomplished.
Now I need you to help me to live up to this. Help me to adore you with my lips and with my life.
Make every breath I breathe to be ecstatic with praise, every step filled with your joy as I see my enemies crushed, Satan baffled, defeated and destroyed.
As my sin is buried in the deep ocean of your reconciling blood, as hells gates are closed and the way to heaven opened.
Go before me, my conquering God and remind me over and over of that cross where you are mighty to subdue and to comfort and to save.

The Valley of Vision


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