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God Is.

"God Is."

Kate Foster

I feel inadequate often. I am not a confident person by nature, and it's not to be confused with humility. In fact I feel like my life has been lived in a tent I pitched for myself in the Valley of Self Doubt. Recently when facing a dream opportunity that God gifted me, I felt small. I panicked that I was incapable. I worried that this job should’ve been given to one of the others in the multitude of willing volunteers.

"Why me? I'm only going to mess this up. I am not equipped."

And then I thought, "Why not me?" I may not be the most capable, I may not be the most talented, but I believe that is the stage that God likes working best.

So all of you who are standing, facing life, and feeling like you aren’t enough...

You are right where God wants you.

He will fill in the gaps.

So, get comfortable, grab a mug of hot something, and soak in this list I’ve compiled from just a few portions of Psalms. Rest in the attributes and actions of God that have never changed, and never will.

He is:

He is God who delivers you from all of your fears (34:4)

He is the God who defends his own (5:11)

He is the God who saves those who cannot save themselves (11:1)

He is your strength (18:1)

He moves when you call (18:9)

His gentleness makes you great (18:35)

He enlarges your steps and keeps you from slipping(18:36)

He equips you with strength for battle (18:39)

He makes you brave (23:4)

He is always with you, even unto death (23:4)

He directs your paths (25:4)

He is God who is mighty in battle (24:8)

He delivers those who look to Him for help (25:15)

He is God your confidence (27:1)

His goodness is strength to the fearful (27:13)

He is the strength of your heart (27:14)

He gives victory in the battle (30:1)

He is God who fights for you (35:2)

He knows what each day holds (37:18)

He is God who finds pleasure in the prosperity of His servants (35:27)

He gives strength to survive trial (41:3)

He upholds you (41:12)

He makes you capable by his sovereignty (44:5)

He is the strength that works in your weakness (44:3)

He is God your refuge, and your strength (46:1)

He is a very present help in trouble (46:1)

He is God full of powerful acts (46:8)

He is comfort in fear (56:3)

He is God who sends help from Heaven (57:3)

He is your defender (59:1)

He is strong on your behalf (59:9

He is God through whom we fight valiantly (60:12)

He is stability when your heart is overwhelmed (61:2)

He is God, your advocate (56:9)

He is for you (56:9)

It's ok to feel inadequate. We are.

Christ moves mountains using weak vessels.

His strength is made perfect in your inadequacy.

Your weakness is the vehicle that ushers in His strength.

Your empty vessel makes room for His filling.

We are not enough.

That's how it was designed to be.

His power is brightest when we stop trying to shine.

I stand in awe of You,

Kate Foster

ARH Staff Writer

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