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God of Monday Morning

"God of Monday Morning"

Kate Foster

This Holy week has been full of reminders. Reminders of sacrifice and grace undeserved.

Friday brought fear of the unknown, while Saturday threatened to drown out hope completely.. But Sunday? Ultimate victory. The curtain in the temple was torn in half, Life had conquered death, and the debt was satisfied for the redemption of humanity. Sunday morning came quietly, the mobs dissipated. Isn’t it just like Jesus overcome death in the same manner that He came to earth? The baby born one dark night in a stable, rose from the dead before the sunrise in the midst of quiet and secluded garden. In the dark, without an audience. (Jn 20:1) Far from fanfare, Jesus completed the work He was born to begin. The Victor emerged from a grave that never held any real power over Him. I wonder if that dark morning in the cool of the garden reminded Him of Eden. The communion His Father once shared with His first creations, now restored through the resurrection of a Mediator. The Garden and relationship redeemed, and now the Son was returning home. (John 19:41)

Friday’s Golgotha, brought Saturday’s Grave, which welcomed Sunday’s Glory. With the world now living in the grace of “life after Sunday”, Hope is very much alive, and Monday comes.

A new reality, and a new way for redemption… Jesus is alive, and yet the disciples are hiding.

In fear they tucked themselves away, almost all of them doubtful of the resurrection. One follower even admitted sadly, “We trusted that it had been he which should have redeemed Israel.” (Lk. 24:21)

Sunday was fulfilled, Jesus was alive, but even those closest to Him were still living under the sting of Friday’s death. Living as though Saturday’s sealed and full tomb had the final say.

The risen Jesus approached them in their fearful place and He showed them His scars. He reminded them of the marks of that dreadful Friday, and then He said “Peace be unto you…” They rejoiced in His presence and Jesus gave them their assignments. “As the Father hath sent me, so send I you.”

He handed them a task to let them know that there was new life to be had. Monday was no more full of fear and hiding; Monday had a to do list, and they had a role. There was much to be done.

Do you know Jesus? Have you accepted the free gift of salvation he has extended to every individual?

If you haven’t accepted the gift I’m referring to, would you reach out? We’d love to help guide you to some answers. Or if you’d like to search yourself, these accounts of Jesus can be found in the final chapters of all 4 Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We are always here to talk.

If you have, walk in peace! We are no longer living in the midst of Friday’s destruction, we are no longer held in the hopeless waiting room of Saturday… when we accept the Victory of the beautiful Sunday morning, His resurrection, we can live a life anchored in hope. Life after Sunday means a relationship with God, it means an Intercessor named Jesus, it means a Helper named the Holy Spirit. It means the work is still being assigned until God calls us home.

So, happy Monday friends! Today is the day after victory! Let’s live out the celebration!

Thank you God for being the God of Monday Morning!

Because He lives,

Kate Foster

ARH Staff Writer

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