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God of the Waves

“God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing”. -CS Lewis

I slowly read the words that my son had texted me-- the calm son who never overreacts: “Your yard could actually fall into the lake."

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our home and land, located on the shores of Lake Ontario, was being flooded by each strong wave that rolled in. No one could do anything but wait. I watched as each boulder that separated us from massive water was being washed away and tossed up onto the yard. It was quite alarming to look out and see that the lake looked as if it no longer had a shore.

It had been 14 months since I had begun to really learn what it meant to worship... what it really meant to dwell in Christ... what it really meant to ​know​ God and His attributes. There is a promise in Scripture that tells us that if we dwell in Him...that the fruit of His Spirit will show in our life. One of those attributes is peace. Life seemed anything but peaceful now.

Emergency vehicles lined up on our flooded street and the possibility of losing our house and land was heavy and looming. My husband, who is good with emergencies, happened to be out of the country on a short trip. He is the one to take charge in difficult situations. His presence makes me feel taken care of and confident things will be ok. His absence was felt. I looked out at the huge and ferocious lake.. and then it happened. A peace settled over me... the kind of peace that I couldn’t manifest on my own... true, deep peace. Not just the putting-on-a-brave-face peace. I thought, “Whatever God allows in my life is for my good and His glory. He is the God who sees, and He sees me even now. Especially now. If we lose the yard and the house, He will provide my needs. He always has and He always will. Even though the insurance will not cover this act of nature, God will and He has more provisions than any insurance company.” My 7 yr old grandson Carter said, “Grandma, Dad said that our house could fall into the lake. Will it?” I told him “I don’t know. But, I’m not worried because God will take care of us.” For the next hour he repeated the same assurance about a hundred times “God will take care of us, right Grandma?” My answer was the truth, “Of course He will!” Peace is accompanied by surrender. It’s not possible to have one without the other. I am surrendered to the Prince of Peace, Jesus; God manifested in human form. The one who governs all things. Nothing happens to His children that does not pass through His hand first. Although my path may be difficult and it may test me deeply, I know the One who is above all.

CS Lewis is so right....there is no such thing as peace without God. Because God IS peace. He is the source of peace itself. The same God that controls the waves, loves me. ME! He is all powerful, all knowing, and so amazingly good. When His peace settled on me, my entire spirit felt settled that night. I know that even if all this world is taken from me, I will still have Him, and He is more than enough.

The winds and waves still know his name, Colette Fabry

Founder of A Right Heart Ministries

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