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God Over All

"God Over All"

Colette Fabry

I think many people would agree with me that this world functions upside down. Really upside down! Evil is trying to be passed off as good, and we are being taught that we can decide what our own truth is. Self centeredness is the real pandemic.

While studying the book of Daniel I clearly saw, verse by verse, that these long-ago people struggled from pretty much the same thing. The king had a pride problem and answered to no one but himself. He positioned himself as the only authority over all people, and put to death anyone who didn’t worship him. Or, in Daniel’s case, literally threw him into a den of hungry lions for praying to another God. But even in the midst of all of this chaos and idolatry, when you reach the end of the story, God is still able to reveal His authority as supreme over all other authorities.

I grew up in a time and a home where a fathers authority was a good and respected thing. I am blessed to have had a dad who didn't abuse that role. Because of that, I received a good understanding of God as Father, and I don't question His authority. I am thankful for that, but also recognize that not everyone has that same story.

Over the years I've heard people say things like:

“I'm mad at God”

“How could God allow that to happen?”

“I will not believe in a God who would allow people to suffer”

“God has big shoulders and He wants you to yell at Him..tell Him how mad you are at Him”.

Although I understand what they are saying, my mind always goes back to the absolute fact that God IS God. He is the ONLY God. He has a purpose for all things, and His actions are always for our good and His glory. God can and will do whatever He chooses, it is our choice alone whether we honor Him or not. No matter how we choose to react, it never changes the fact that He alone is Sovereign God.

Why do people think that they have any right whatsoever to demand an answer from their Creator God? That's not what the Bible teaches. Remember what God told Job? God basically said, “You are not God, Job. I am.” Period, end of story. Job came to the conclusion pretty quickly that he didn’t have any right to question God.

I know that respect for authority in this day barely exists. I know that many people don't understand what it is to be safe under good authority. But, Daniel did. I am so thankful to read such amazing truth in his story. He was humbled before a Holy God and he was respectful towards His leadership. That is always the answer when it comes to having favor with God and doing things the way He has planned. I am always reminded that doing things outside of the principles of God end in destruction and confusion.

God is Sovereign and safe. He and His ways are absolute Truth. He is God whose commands are never to be changed or questioned. He is the Most High and Majestic God. All people, whether here on this temporary earth but certainly in eternity, will answer to Him and will humble themselves before His throne. For those who know Him and have given their wills over to Him, that will be a wonderful day. It will be a beautiful day. It will be a celebration day filled with rejoicing to the King above all kings!

Come let us worship and bow down,

Colette Fabry Founder of ARH

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