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God Who Is Always Good

"God Who Is Always Good"

Jake Fabry

The first time I walked through the towns and remote villages of Haiti, it wasn’t the poverty that broke my heart most. It wasn't even the lack of family, although that was terrible to see. There were a lot of things that brought tears to my eyes, but what broke me the most was one little girl. She was an orphan-- about three years old. I watched as she stood alone in ankle-deep brown water. The same brown water where clothes were being “washed”, and Haitians went to the bathroom. The same water that they drank. Filthy, stinking, contaminated water. I continued to watch her in shock. I thought of my precious daughters at home, one being her age, and I just could not imagine them being in her place. I watched in horror as a cow came just a few feet from her and began to use the bathroom. I couldn't get to her fast enough. I knelt down beside her, handed her my bottle of clean water and a ring pop I had in my pocket. I smiled and tried to show her that I cared with my eyes. She looked at me with the most beautiful brown eyes and smiled with a smile that I will never forget. I thought to myself, How does this even matter? In a few days, I was leaving to go back to my country and my family, my food and comforts. This little one will remain in this place of poverty. How is that fair and right? I wasn't sure my heart could take it or that my mind could comprehend it.

A few days after returning home I was haunted by this baby girl. I led worship in my church the following Sunday and while singing the words “You’re a good, good Father”, I had to stop singing.

Later in my truck, I asked God,

“How are you good in this, God? I know that You are good. You are a good Father and You promise to be the Father to the fatherless. Please tell me how You are good in this?”

My heart was broken and God knew it. He did not speak audibly to me, but He did speak as clearly as only He can. He answered the cry of my heart and this is what He said,

“Who are you to define what is good? You see only part of the story. I sent you to be my hands and feet. You showed her a picture of Me. You gave her food and water. You loved her. Don't question my goodness, Jake”.

Then just as though it was on cue, a song that I had never heard before came through my truck speakers.

The words went like this:

“As high as the heavens are over the earth

And whiter than every sea

Love without boarders

Grace beyond words

Your heart runs river deep

You are always good

There is no end to your mercy

And your love will not run dry

Darkness may deepen

And shadows may fall

But you will be faithful and true

There is peace in the vineyard

For hope conquers all

And we can depend on You

Nothing can separate us

From Your love Lord

Nothing can separate us

From your love

You are always good

There is no end to your mercy

And your love will not run dry

-Justin Unger

With tears streaming down my face I was reminded of the goodness of God. Every person's story on earth is different....but no matter what, circumstances never define the character of a Holy God. He is good. Period. There are so many things in this life that are not good: Sickness, sorrow, death and all of the consequences of a fallen world. And a little 3 year old who is abandoned and hungry? No. That is not good. But God is good. He is everything that IS good. He is Healer and Life-Giver, He is the Hope for all and the Mender of broken hearts. God calls people to feed the hungry and to help the needy. He calls men to be His hands and feet. What a privilege it is that He would use us as reminders of His goodness and mercy to this world.

Shortly after hearing this song I presented it to my church, and as I led in worship, I listened as hundreds of people sang at the top of their lungs about how good God is! This time I sang confidently with them. My heart was healed by looking at HIM. He is faithful to His goodness everywhere and to everyone. He is hope and healing to all brokenness...Broken hearts, broken people, broken situations. One day we will see clearly and it will all make sense. Everyone will see just how good He really is.

Oh His love will not run dry,

Jake Fabry

ARH Executive Director

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