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God Who Is Rich in Mercy

"God Who Is Rich In Mercy" Kate Foster

“But God, who is RICH IN MERCY, for His great love wherewith He loved us, EVEN when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ.”

Who is this God? God who loved us when we were powerless to the filth of our sin? Loved us enough to trade His death for our life so that we can live unified with Christ?

Let’s do another exercise and look for God in Ephesians 2. What truths have been reserved for us in this chapter that can inspire gratitude and confidence in our God’s power and character today?

He is God who is rich in mercy (vs 3)

He is God who loves with a great love (3)

He is God whose great love propelled Him to give life to a dead people (4+5)

He is God who saves BY GRACE (5)

His grace grants life to an undeserving and inadequate people (5)

He raised up the lifeless to new life in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus (6)

He gave life so that He could show mankind the “exceeding riches of His grace IN HIS KINDNESS towards us through Christ Jesus.” (7)

He is God who gives salvation as a free gift. (8)

He saves those who have faith by His Grace (8)

He alone has the power to save; nothing can be added or subtracted from His gift. (8)

He alone is worthy of recognition. (9)

He is God who made man His workmanship (10)

He created man for good works and ordained that he should follow His created purpose. (10)

He created man to do good and paved the way to make it possible. (10)

He equips man to fulfill what He’s asked us to do (10)

He is hope (12)

He is God whose blood draws men near who once were far off (13)

His blood bridged the gap (13)

His death allowed us to become family (13)

He is our peace (14)

He is God who has made us ONE. (14)

He tore down the wall that divided us from Him (14)

He abolished the enemy and brought peace (15)

Through Him we have access by one spirit to the Father (18)

He has made us fellow citizens and sons of God. (19)

His sacrifice removed our titles of “aliens,” “strangers,” and “foreigners” (19)

He is God who adopts and invites man to join His household (19)

He is the cornerstone of our foundation (20)

He is the rock that keeps us “fitly framed together” (21)

He is God who builds His people together for His habitation. (22)

We are His workmanship, the product of His handiwork, and He dwells with us.

What a humbling list. The master Creator created us, FOR HIM! And from the moment of our creation, He gives us a calling, a calling to live out the fruits of our indwelling Spirit. Not only does He call us to set apart loving, He paves the way for us to fulfill what He asks of us. He is a good God… a good Father! What one truth from today’s chapter will you carry with you today? Write in on your wrist, hang it on your fridge, save it to your Lock Screen on your phone… Put it where you can be reminded throughout the day! God is good, and all He does is good. Thank you, Jesus!

Kate Foster

ARH Staff Writer

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