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God Who Wants To Be Known

"God Who Wants to be Known"

Colette Fabry

One of the richest chapters in the Bible is Psalms 91. Within its words is a wealth of wisdom, promise, and truth that is hard to comprehend. The chapter speaks of intimacy, tender love, and a deep-knowing relationship with God.

I can hardly get past this.

That the Most Holy and only God, our Creator who is Sovereign over everyone and all things desires intimacy with me and you? He calls for us to know Him and to dwell within Him. He actually desires it, and all throughout the Bible puts out this plea. The God of the Universe?!

I used to read quickly past these verses with a sense of endearment but such a lack of understanding. That was before I began to meditate and search out who God is. Now it just absolutely blows my mind. The God who never sleeps. The God who knows and sees into the hearts of all mankind. The God who commands the waves and winds. The God who keeps count of the stars and clouds at all times. God, who is the author of every story of every soul and works out a revelation of Himself through it all. The God who made mountains and gives the breath of life to everything that breathes. I could go on and on for eternity declaring who He is.

This God wants intimacy with us.

This God wants to reveal His glory to us and for us to actually know Him.

And He waits.

He looks across the whole world to see who has a heart to seek Him. He waits. What a sad thing that is to me; That He would have to wait; That He would have to look.

I remember a man said to me, “If God wants people to know who He is and worship Him, then why doesn’t He just put Himself in the sky for everyone to see?”

He could do that. (One day He actually will do that!)

Yes, He could show His glory and open every eye at once to who He is right now if He wanted to. And immediately at His presence, all men would be forced to bow and worship. It wouldn’t even be a choice because His glory is so magnificent. In the Bible, when people saw Him, they literally fell on their faces, they couldn’t speak and they saw immediately who they were compared to who He is.

Could it be that He is giving each person a lifetime to actually choose Him? To want a relationship with Him? Not because they have to but because they want to? What a beautiful lesson of true love this is!

I believe another reason He doesn’t reveal Himself so shockingly is because then everyone would want Him for what He can do for them. We humans are so self-centered and self-serving. We would then want Him only for our own desires to be fulfilled. It's like one of those movies where the prince hides his identity as he searches for a princess. He only wants the one who loves him for himself and not for his wealth and status. God even gives us a peek, well, more than a peek, at His glory. Through His Word, through creation...through miraculous acts. And He still has to plead and seek and wait?

The safest, most peaceful, and secure place is dwelling in intimacy with Jehovah God. Six years ago, I asked God how can I understand that kind of intimacy? What is the secret place? What does intimacy with you actually look like? How do I get there? How exactly do I get my eyes on you?

I will spend the next few blog posts answering these questions and show what God taught me. I can’t wait to share.

Today I encourage you to read through Psalms 91. Intimacy with God will change you in such a beautiful way.

Psalms 91:1 "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

He is my hiding place,

Colette Fabry

Founder of ARH

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