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He Is God Who Reveals

“Earth is crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees, takes off his shoes...” ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I am sitting in my favorite chair looking at huge Lake Ontario this morning. I decided to think on God and how He is showing Himself to me, here and now, in my tiny little area of space and time.

At the moment, it is calm and peaceful. He is the giver of all peace. He is peace. He is the Creator of so much beauty. Water is a picture of Him because water sustains all life. The water that He offers, Himself, is the sustainer of eternal life. Without Him we would all perish. My wooden sail boat, resting on the window ledge, reminding me that even the wind and the sea are commanded by Him and know His voice. He is absolutely sovereign.

A variety of birds, diving and singing, reminding me how He provides for their needs. They swoop into the lake, catching bugs, grabbing nourishment. All different kinds of bugs flying and crawling. What an amazing God of intricate detail and design He is. This morning I read in Matthew 6, that He takes care of and loves us even more than the animals that He created. I listen as the birds sing all morning long. He made it so that not only we can sing, but they do also. I wonder what they are singing? And then I am reminded that God Himself is singing over me. Amazing.

I sip on my coffee and understand that He not only provides for my needs, but my desires and even the littlest of pleasures. What a good, good God He is.

Next to me on the table is my Bible. Its' pages containing the most detailed descriptions of a Holy God and how we can have reconciliation with Him. This book describes Him in depth through words, stories and the entire history of man. It really is HIS-story and is all about Him and His glory. We are privileged and so very blessed to be invited in.

I turn to look at the plant that I brought back from Israel. It was once living next to the empty tomb. The tomb where Jesus tasted death. The tomb where He literally returned to His lifeless body and walked out of the grave. No one can kill a Holy God in flesh. This plant was only a tiny sprig when I brought it back in a damp, but soon-dried-up piece of paper towel. I hoped so much that it would survive, and boy did it ever! I’m amazed as the entire plant bends towards the window as it tries to reach the sun. I turn it around and within a short time it is almost sideways in that direction again. The sun that I see in the sky this beautiful morning, is the light of the world. It sets every night and rises each morning as a picture, a reminder of His death, burial, and resurrection. And just as my little plant reaches for the sun, we are to reach in likeness. Leaning into the light. God is where we find everything we need in this life. He is everything. “I am that I am”.

I hear my parents walk in the door. I think of them, specifically today, my dad. He is a good dad. He provided protection, sustenance, genuine love, and often pure kindness throughout my entire life. I belonged to him. What a great picture I have been shown of my Abba (daddy) Father. On my wall are pictures of my own children’s families. Precious grandchildren in the most beautiful settings. My heart is full of love for them and for their parents, my children. A love that teaches my heart how God our Father loves us, His children. How He would do anything for us. How we belong to Him and are called His own.

Sitting in my chair, looking out at the lake this morning has been a joy to my heart as I meditate on Jehovah God. I have seen Him as Adonai-Creator, Provider, Lover of my soul, a God who sings and The One who cares for individuals, animals and mankind. He is the Word. He is the Son of God and He is the giver, source, and sustainer of Life. He is Sovereign Father God. He is all of these things and so, so much more. All these reminders just by taking a moment to look. To sit. To allow Him to remind me of who He is.

Blessed be the name of the Lord,


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