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Hope for the Wilted Plant

I have, what most would refer to as, a “black thumb”.

Plants once green, turn black in my care;

Not for lack of attention or trying, it just happens. It's a fact I’ve learned to accept. I got it from my mother. (Sorry mom!)

As I sit here looking at my latest plant attempt, I grimace.

Only a month ago it was a whole, perfect fern. Now it’s just a lopsided, wilting heap of leaves. I wish my potted beauty would suddenly come to life and give me a list of demands on how to revive its long slender limbs.

But instead, I starve it, and then over water, move it to the shade, and overexpose it to the sunshine. Each attempt to revive leaving it in worse shape; Guess-work and ignorance at its best.

I see one lone shriveled branch slumped over the side; In rough shape, yet still attached to its root system... seemingly dead yet attached to life. I rotate the pot and place the hurting section in the morning streams of light.

The light heals. The sun carrying health in its beams. Plants growing towards the warmth, leaning into its golden light. Reaching.

I am that withered branch some seasons.

Exhausted, drained, shadows falling over me like a heavy stage curtain. Going through the motions, not really living. Dead, yet alive. The Sun is always present but sometimes blocked from reaching me.

Hurt, unmet expectations, the monotony of life, financial burdens, busyness... simply anything other than God, standing in the way of His light. HE IS LIGHT.

I don’t have to stay in the shadows. I must choose to move the curtain and let the sun shine strong on my face. I can remove what is overshadowing and call on the Sun who is stronger than any other force seen or unseen. I CAN BE RENEWED.

Attached to the living plant, there is a future. HOPE.

In the presence of the Sun there is healing and prospering.

God is the Creator of all life and the living. He is the original, the Master. He made all out of nothing and He sustains it. The earth will not vanish until He says so, your life not end until He allows. If you have breath in your lungs, He is not finished with you yet.

Turn your dry and breaking hearts to the creator and sustainer. He will make you whole. He, the life-giver, will give life to dry bones.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ…” -Phil. 1:6


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