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The Story Behind Our Podcasts

"The Story Behind Our Podcasts"

Colette Fabry

The A Right Heart Podcast is foundational to A Right Heart Ministries. I am often asked where the idea of creating it came from. It came out of an understanding of a wrong perspective on who God is and a sincere desire to share Him with others. God commands us to know Him and to love Him, but that is foreign and not attainable in the minds of most people. Many who accept Christ as Savior, which is the only way to God, stop there. In 2015 I begged God to show me how to love Him. He answered. 

In 2016, I took a trip to Israel and visited the Wailing Wall. I watched as the Jewish people swayed back and forth, then touched their foreheads to the wall over and over. When I asked our guide about this, I was told that they have such a reverence for God that every single time they speak or think about His name in the prayer book that they held and recited from, they showed adoration and worship for that name by touching their forehead to the wall. She explained that the swaying was a show of awe. Many of them do this day after day.  

I was intrigued by this. I thought about the lack of reverence most Americans have for God. His name is used so casually and often put alongside the most awful swear words. I was heartbroken to think about how offensive that must be to such a Holy God. 

I began to be unsettled by this and weeks after I was back home, it continued to bother me. Jewish people know the names of God but deny Christ. We in America know Jesus but lack an understanding and reverence for God. My mind wouldn’t stop thinking about it. I spoke with my dad, a retired pastor, who gently told me to get my eyes off people and what I don’t understand and on God. 

I asked God to help me see Him, to know Him, and to focus my eyes on HIM. I got my Bible out and began to list what is written about Him verse by verse. I recorded my list slowly and meticulously. Then I meditated on it several times a day and throughout many nights. I listened to every single message I could find on God and who He is. 

After doing this consistently for weeks something happened. I was meditating in worship on the names and descriptions of God, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, I got a picture of who He really is. It wrecked me. I was completely undone and could do nothing but weep. I got an understanding of who He is in comparison to who I am, and it changed me.  How could He love me? How could He allow me to come to His throne? How could it be that He who is so amazing, majestic, pure, and holy would love me and want me as His own? I fell in love with the King of kings. Even as I write this I know it sounds strange, but it's true. I believe this is what God means when He tells us to “Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and mind”. 

I realized up to this point in my life I had been so selfish in my love. My love was based on what He had done for me, not who He is. I walked around for days with tears streaming down my cheeks. I didn’t know what I was going to do with this kind of love and understanding of it.  I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life striving to know Him more. I also knew that I wanted to share this with every person I know. The brokenhearted clients that I work with need to know Him, the healer of all brokenness. God really is all that we need. In sorrow, He is our joy. In brokenness, He is our mender. In sadness, He is the health of our countenance and on and on I could go.   

I created the A Right Heart Podcast so that people can mediate on Gods' names, characteristics and attributes; to get clearer focus and clearer understanding of Him. They are a verse-by-verse revelation of God. As Scripture spells out His names, characteristics, and attributes, we make a list of them. We have a team of people who dissect and study out the description in Greek, Hebrew, and English. We get an understanding of what He is telling us about Himself through every single verse.  After the script is prepared, it is recorded and then given to our Creative Director who puts it to music and edits it for publishing. The podcasts are prayed over and dedicated to God. 

This is how the podcast began. So far we have 70 episodes, lists of who God is in the Bible, and we are not even near done. I think it's the most amazing assignment that God has given me.  It's such a privilege to lift up His name and tell people about who He is and as the Bible says “Make His Name known”.  

We have testimony after testimony of how they minister to people. They are helping hurting, sick, broken, anxious, fearful people find hope and peace. They are also for people who want to grow in their faith, they walk away encouraged, strengthened by a deeper knowledge of God. 

People are strengthened when they know He is always powerful on their behalf. They achieve stability in a fallen world. Their spirits find rest. Each episode helps people to focus on Him and it replaces fear with confidence in Him alone. They learn that God doesn’t leave anything up to chance but always has a plan and a purpose. God is using each episode to change lives and to show the majestic glory of our Sovereign God. 

To God Be the Glory,  

Colette Fabry

Founder of ARH Ministries

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