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When My Worship Changed

It is essential and vitally important to all believers that they know and understand-- immerse themselves in-- the names, characteristics and attributes of God through His Word. That understanding will drain the believer of ego as the Holy Spirit fills them with an unshakable faith and an indescribable awe. The response becomes true worship. True worship can never be accomplished without knowing God. First, knowing God through Christ and secondly, knowing God through meditation on all that He is” ~Colette Fabry

When I began to meditate on God, the first thing that changed for me was my understanding of worship. I’d even go as far as saying that I didn’t really know what it was before my intentional pursuit of God. I was five days into seeking, meditating, and focusing on God when it was as if an invisible blindfold had been removed from my spiritual eyes. I actually grieved that it had taken me so long to know. I find that the greater and deeper my concept and awe of God grows, the more I am in proper alignment and perspective to worship.

When Isaiah stood before God, he got a glimpse of HIM and his entire understanding of worship changed. He couldn’t speak. He fell to the ground and offered Himself completely to His Creator. His life was no longer his own. I wonder what happened to Isaiah after He walked away from the experience of seeing God? How did his daily, physical life change? I know mine did. I remember wondering how I was expected to walk through a fallen world in this fallen body knowing what I know. One thing I know for sure is that I will never be the same and I will never let a day go by where I would not, could not, focus myself (my eyes, my heart, my time, my attention) on Him in worship. It is the reason I am made and what I am compelled to do.

When David meditated on God, his circumstances didn’t change but he sure did. I get the sense that he struggles with the right words to accurately explain it as he compels us. He calls out and invites us by saying things like “Oh taste and see that He is good”. Then he uses his own life to show us that our meditation turns into worship.

Look at Mary. She poured her sacrificial oil on and over Him with her attention only on HIM. She was overcome and undone by Him because she knew something that Martha didn’t know. I bet she didn't even hear Martha's complaints. Or if she heard she didn’t care. She was too busy extravagantly worshipping, not speaking in her own defense, but instead, just keeping her eyes on what mattered. She knew Him in a way that Martha didn't. Jesus said it perfectly, ‘Mary does the needed thing”. The needed thing? Getting her eyes on Him and worshiping Him. That is the needed thing!

It’s all about Him. Our existence, our purpose, our focus, the dying of selfishness in order to reflect his nature, and our entire being is all for Him. I sought and saw Him, and only then was true worship possible. Until I saw that real worship of God has nothing to do with my human desires, preferences, and earthly focus, I wasn’t able to worship the way that He deserves and desires. I had been too focused on my doing, like Martha. If Martha had been hyper focused on Jesus, instead of her sister and herself, she would have been able to serve peacefully and with a right heart. If Martha had been “undone” with God like Isaiah was, she would not have been undone by life and circumstances. I see clearly now! Worship is all about HIm.

I am forever changed. I can’t worship enough The One who is Beautiful Holiness and Majestic Kindness. Like David I write...Oh, Taste and See that He is good!

Here I am to worship,


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